Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How to order my books

I get lots of questions about how to buy my books. Being an independent self-published author means having to set up independent sales channels as book shops are not interested in anything that’s not from a publisher and most New Zealand publishers are interested only in books about sports, celebrities, cooking and gardening.

In New Zealand I sell my books through my website. The biggest issue is payment. I’ve tried everything and found the simplest thing is to provide a way for readers to place their order(s) by email and pay online from their New Zealand bank account to mine; I provide the bank account number in the email which is generated when a buyer clicks on the website ‘Order Here’ button. It’s so safe and simple.

Seven of my books are also available from Amazon which is the best way to sell books internationally as postage from New Zealand is prohibitive.

Book shops will happily order any book on request (although you’ll probably pay extra for the privilege). The key is to quote the book’s ISBN although a book title and author name will also suffice. All my book ISBNs can be found here.

Auckland and Wellington libraries stock multiple copies of most of my books and most libraries will happily buy in a book on request.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at robert@bolton.co.nz

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