Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My new novel almost ready to go.

I started it at the end of September 2014, worked on it all over summer, and now I'm pleased to say that my new novel is finished. Now comes the boring bit. I'll submit it to a couple of friendly publishers but most likely I'll publish it myself as which means getting a cover designed - my son Steve will probably do that - and getting the blurb written for the back. Then I'll have to start costing and formatting for local, Amazon and Kindle publishing. A slow and painstaking job.
It's lightweight easy-to-read humorous literature based on a short story I wrote a few years ago called The Silverbeet Patch which was published as part of the Nana's Special Day and other stories collection. 
It should ready for launch and sale by the end of April/early May 2015 at which time I'll e-mail the news to my regular readers with a special introductory discount offer. Email me if you'd like to be on that list.