Friday, 9 January 2015

'To The White Gate': a nice review from a Kindle reader.

This review of To The White Gate turned up on Kindle.

This is a great read!
This book takes the form of an elderly man’s recollections, starting with his early teenage years during the 1930s in Auckland, New Zealand.
With a beautiful and expansive public park, described in exquisite detail, as the anchor or central hub the story gently unfolds through to the turn of the century. There are many observations of the changing nature of life in New Zealand during that period of time and, as an ancient New Zealander myself, I recognised many of them instantly.
Tommy leaves school to work in the park plant nursery and grows into an intuitive man who is only really content when close to nature in his beloved park. Over the years he befriends a generous mix of flamboyant individuals who mostly have impressive artistic talents. He learns much from them (particularly from one mysterious wee fellow) and the development of knowledge and wisdom that sometimes comes with experience and advancing years is well portrayed.
And the ubiquitous White Gate plays its part with increasing regularity and clarity.
Yes, a good well researched book with great attention to detail and many examples of human nature at play in the small group of islands known locally as Aotearoa.Highly recommended

Other informal feedback includes:
  • A delightful read. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  
  • I have finished To the White Gate and really enjoyed it. It was as one reviewer said a refreshingly gentle read and I particularly enjoyed it as I could identify with most of the  storyline (except of course I have never sat cross legged  in a park with an elephant keeper.)  
  • I really enjoyed it! It was sad, touching and lovely.