Wednesday, 22 February 2017

'Six Murders?' Coming soon.

Murder, mystery and fun in New Zealand's capital city. 
My new book is nearly finished. It is my first 'crime' mystery novel although it's a bit more fun. It's based in Wellington and is titled 'Six Murders?' Sub title, if you want it: The story of the Welly Alley Strangler.
I received a lot of help from my cousin Grant in Wellington, and from the New Zealand Police media centre whose people gave me a lot of excellent information and advice. A research trip to Wellington is now all that's required for me to tidy up a few location ends. I had such a trip planned for February 17 but unfortunately I had to postpone that as I was in hospital then for a few days. The trip has been rescheduled for March 17 after which I'll be able to do the final polish and get it out to readers before publishing. I'll make it available from my website as a local publication as well as internationally through Amazon and Kindle.