Monday, 3 June 2013

Nice to meet a keen reader

I was in the kitchen one Saturday morning last month, about to make a cup of tea, when I saw a man and a woman coming down the path. I didn't know them, I wasn't expecting anyone, and they looked suspiciously like they were selling something, probably a fringe or cult religion.
'What do you want?' I asked, somewhat impatiently I suppose, through the open window, not yet willing to go to the door.
'Are you Robert Bolton?' asked the man.
'Yes. What do you want?' A bit rude I suppose.
'Did you write the book My Marian Year?'
Now I was intrigued. I went to the  door and opened it.
It turns out this very nice man had read a copy of My Marian Year taken from the library in Whangarei, where he lives, and he liked it so much that he wanted to buy his own new copy.
'He absolutely loved that book,' said his wife. 'He really did.'
Of course he could have bought a copy online, or ordered a copy from any book shop, but he chose instead to track me down in Auckland all the way from Whangarei. Evidently it wasn't easy: we're in the phone book as 'Bob and Kath', and he didn't know the address, but eventually he found me in the electoral roll.
I signed his book and gave him a hefty discount for his trouble.
It was nice to meet such a keen reader.
My Marian Year is available online for $NZ22.00.