Friday, 14 March 2014

Dreamers is my funny new musical comedy for the stage. And it's available FREE to amateur theatre groups and high-schools

I wrote Dreamers to be infinitely flexible and adjustable to maximise the involvement of all a group's available talent. That's what makes it ideal for amateur theatre groups, community players, light opera societies and high-schools.

The script makes suggestions but the content of the entertainment largely depends on the talents of the cast. That means there is no limit to what may be performed by way of entertainment. From opera and classical music to rock and rap; from Shakespeare to humorous poetry; from Maori and Pacifika culture to ballet; even acrobats and jugglers could have a role. Indeed, any talent should be encouraged. This flexibility gives the company freedom to include many back-stage supporters and enthusiastic members who may not otherwise or usually find themselves on the stage.

Furthermore, Dreamers is written to be fun, light-hearted, entertaining and amusing, funny in parts. The cast should feel free to ‘ham it up’ when appropriate. Indeed, hammy acting and flawed performances can be hugely entertaining to an appreciative audience when they are delivered with sincerity by enthusiastic amateurs.

Interested theatre groups should email me to receive the synopsis of Dreamers together with the complete cast list and the script for all of ACT 1. If he are interested they can then apply to receive a free copy of the entire script providing they include their planned performance date(s) and a formal undertaking to credit me in their programme, advertising and promotions.

Dreamers is FUN. I hope some group or groups take me up on this offer.

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